Bread Lounge Rebranding 

This project was meant to teach about the stages of rebranding a company from start to finish. I picked the company "Bread Lounge," a contemporary bakery located in Los Angeles' Art's District that's current branding did not match their customer base or brand aesthetic. Throughout the semester, we came up with a complete schedule of how long each phase of branding would take, the costs of each stage, an in depth study of the competition, positioning analysis, as well as a new mission statement and tagline. Next, we created new a new logo for our brand along with a usage guide. Finally, we worked to apply this newly developed brand to various applications such as letterheads, business cards, menus, websites and iphone apps. Check out the issuu link at the bottom of this page to see my full process.

New Tagline: 

You Deserve a Bake

New Mission Statement: 

The Bread Lounge strives to provide a cozy yet contemporary artisinal bakery experience to Los Angeles’ Downtown Art’s District. Everything is made daily from scatch and from high quality, natural ingredients. Our vision is to bring a classic European style bakery cafe that is fresh, local and community driven. Relax, read a book, sip some coffe, and eat some bread because, of course, you deserve a bake. 

Bread Lounge rePOSITIONING:

Old Logo:

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 5.09.32 AM.png