Chaos and order book

I was assigned to create a book based off of a podcast.  I stumbled across the podcast “On Being: Dark Matter, Dinosaurs and Extra Dimensions.” This podcast especially stuck out to me, as I’ve always been interested in space and quantum physics. This podcast was a challenge because I had to work with visualizing concepts such as dark matter and multi dimensions and thus essentially make the unseen "seen." 

The main point of the podcast was the idea that as much as we want to make sense of the universe and categorize it into simple equations and math, it's so much more chaotic than that and things often happen unexpectedly. I used that motif of the universe going from order into chaos in my book by having regular spreads that slowly glitch and warp and turn in on itself to become chaotic, and then go back to normal only to later on warp again. This flow of order to chaos to order to chaos leads to the book to essentially fall apart. 

I used images that make use of gravitational fields, as well as other physics and dark matter related scientific imagery. also was very inspired by imagery from the visible color spectrum as well as symbols and signs from physics equations that appear on pages, furthering this idea of order (that then goes to chaos.)

For my cover, I used holographic vinyl to give a sense of multiple dimensionality that peers out through black paper layered black text to represent dark matter.

To read the entire book, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the issuu uploaded version.

Some selected spreads (click to view larger):