Summer's Day Animated Short

Study in static/dynamic form and motion graphics—set to "Summer's Day [v.2]" by Jinsang.  Most of the images are made from a combination of photoshop and illustrator forms collaged with photo clippings, water color paintings, scrap material and others. Afterwards, the pieces were put together and animated using After Effects. It's meant to display the feeling I get when listening to this song, which is a blend of whimsy, nostalgia and loneliness. I tried to use forms and experimental shapes and textures to tell the story of what it's like to remember happier memories, and then have them fade away leaving you back in the present. 

During my process, I created 108 images (36 of each of the three main emotions I felt when listening to this video— whimsy, nostalgia, and loneliness) in different mediums in order to explore the different ways I could use marks and form to express feelings in a non figurative way. After that, I collaged images from different emotions together to create 36 new pieces. I used the results of this experiment to help lead my storyboard development for the final music video. Here are a few example images from the process: